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Best Logger Boots For The Money – Reviews

Do you work in challenging terrain? I am talking about up-going and down-going, muddy surfaces, slippery surfaces, and so forth. These are the kinds of conditions professionals working in the outdoors – for instance, lumberjacks – have to face daily. What you need is a good pair of logger boots. I have an excellent selection of the best logger boots here, even cheap logger boots if you are on a budget.

But first, let’s define logger boots…

What are Logger Boots?

Logger boots are outdoor boots favored mostly by lumberjacks and others working in challenging terrain. Lumberjacks (loggers) use them as their regular professional footwear. Loggers need shoes that give more surface grip, and logger boots provide this abundantly.

The boots have caulks at the bottom which provides said grip. I am referring to the spikes which give the boots the traction you need to walk on slippery logs, muddy ground, and steep terrain.

Logger boots have a few trademarks that can help you identify them quickly when you see them: high tops, tall heels, thick soles, waterproof, and the caulks at the bottom.

The high tops prevent water from getting into your boots when you wade through a puddle or creek. It also helps that logger boots are waterproof – they have a waterproof membrane that keeps the water out.

The high heel enables you to have a firm grip when walking on muddy terrain, especially when it’s a steep area. The heel digs into the mud, giving you a firm grip on the ground under you to keep you from slipping and sliding.

Logger boots are also useful for climbing trees thanks to their superb traction.

Now, let’s discuss the best logging boots in the market.

10 Best Logger Boots Review:

1. AdTec Men's 9-Inch Logger Boots Review

AdTec 9' Super Logger Soft Toe Boots for Men, Leather Goodyear Welt Construction & Utility Footwear, Durable and Long Lasting Work Shoes, Lug Sole, Brown, 12 M US

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Once you start wearing these AdTec logger boots, it won’t be long before you break them in. One or two hours ought to do the trick. Some people report that their feet felt comfortable from the get-go.

And if you love climbing trees, or if you have to do so for your work (as a logger), these are the boots you need. These nine-inch logger boots will help you scale trees without causing any discomfort to your feet. As a logger, being comfortable will help you do more in less time.

The boot is made of leather. Expect long life and durability. Don’t you just hate how some shoes start contorting and changing shape after you wear them for a while? With all the climbing you have to do, you would think that the same would happen to this pair, but no. Your boots will remain in good condition for a long while, without having ugly wrinkles on them.

As a logger, you often have to walk on slippery logs, negotiate challenging terrain, walk on the muddy ground, or climb trees. Naturally, you can’t do these kinds of things with an ordinary shoe. You want something that will have a firm grip on the surface you are walking on, something that will dig into the mud and hold, giving you stability.

And that’s why these logger boots have lug outsoles. Lug soles are thick rubber soles that give any shoe a high degree of traction and stability and are often found in work boots such as these AdTec logger boots. The lug soles are also oil-resistant making these boots one of the best logging boots in the market today.

Key Functions:

  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Imported-Oil-resistant lug outsole
  • Soft plain toe and speed-lacing hardware
  • Logo patch at tongue

2. Timberland PRO Men's Rip Saw Composite-Toe Logger Work Boot Review

AdTec 9' Super Logger Soft Toe Boots for Men, Leather Goodyear Welt Construction & Utility Footwear, Durable and Long Lasting Work Shoes, Lug Sole, Black, 11 W US

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How bad is the terrain/landscape you have to work in? Terrible? Well, you don’t have to worry too much about that if you buy a pair of these Timberland men’s logger boots. They have been specially designed to handle all manner of punishing conditions.

The boots are highly durable, something you need if the terrain is as bad as you say. Otherwise, your shoes start to give in to wear and tear pretty quickly, and before you know it, they are all worn out, and you have to find a replacement pair.

The shoes are made of Ever-Guard leather, and this guarantees you high abrasion resistance. So you can go about your work with cheerful confidence without any fears. And the leather comes with a waterproof membrane.

You will have no problem stepping into the muddy ground or wading through a pool of rainwater. There is no way the water is seeping into your boots. Your feet will remain completely dry.

The heel is two –inches high. That’s pretty tall for a man’s shoe, but it’s a big plus when it comes to logger boots. The tall heel gives you traction, especially when you are walking on a muddy hill. The steel toe construction enhances feet safety while working in the woods.

You can dig into the mud with the heel and have a firm hold as you walk. Short heels would quickly fill up with mud, causing you to lose all traction and you would walk awkwardly, always on the verge of slipping and falling.

Key Functions:

  • 9-inch shaft from the arch
  • 2-inch heel
  • 1-inch platform
  • Imported
  • Synthetic-Rubber sole
  • Waterproof leather upper with puncture
  • Resistant plate provides flexible underfoot protection
  • Ever-Guard leather has a waterproof membrane

3. Georgia Boot Men's Loggers G7313 Work Boot:

Georgia Men's 8' Loggers G7313, Tumbled Chocolate, 10 M US

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There is a reason some bikers love logger boots. Because logger boots look cool. And that will be your first reaction too once you see these pair of Georgia men’s logger boots. They do look handsome, but they are in fact work boots. There is no reason you shouldn’t look great just because you are working hard in the outdoors.

The boots are far from gentle and can handle all manner of rugged and rough terrain. They have a protective steel toe, and you know what that means. “Steel toe” is already a testament of durability and safety.

The steel toe protects your toe from any falling objects that might crush it; it also protects your toe from compression. So these are the right fit for you if you are a logger looking for genuine work boots.

When you are climbing a tree, the shoe tends to compress upon your toe, causing discomfort which will eventually result in soreness or blisters. With the steel toe, your toe can remain comfortable while you approach your work with full concentration.

And what’s more? The boots are waterproof. You can trust them to give you excellent service in rain or shine, whether the ground is dusty or muddy. And if you have to cross through any rivers or creeks on your way to the site of the day’s job, you don’t have to fear that the water will leak into your boots.

You can also expect durability from the rubber outsole. The sole is abrasion-resistant, which means that the rough terrain or the barks of trees you have to climb won’t wear away the sole. You can expect a long life from your pair of Georgia men’s logger work boots.

Key Functions:

  • Rear pull loop
  • Protective steel toes
  • Goodyear welt
  • Removable polyurethane insert
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
  • Leather
  • Imported
  • Waterproof
  • Lace-up closure

4. Carolina Soft Toe Waterproof Uninsulated Logger Boot

Men's Carolina? 8' Waterproof Loggers,

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This Carolina logger boot is best worn in the summer or the spring. That’s because it doesn’t have a safety toe, which should explain its name: the soft toe.

But it is waterproof. The membrane will give your feet 100% protection from water, so you can stomp through deep puddles and pools and cross any rivers or creeks you find in your way.

It has a lug sole. So you know it has good traction. In the spring, when it rains, the terrain becomes muddy and hazardous, especially if you are going up a steep place. If your shoes lack traction, you will soon slip and come tumbling down. The lug sole ensures the boot excellent stability, enhancing its utility as a work boot.

They are durable too. You will wear them for months without noticing any cracks or tears arising in the material. In spite of wet weather, these boots just keep going strong. They are certainly among the best logger boots for working in the rainy season.

Plus, they are comfortable. To thrive in some of the terrains loggers have to navigate daily, a boot needs to be comfortable, or one won’t feel like they got their money’s worth. With these Caroline logger boots, your feet will be snug, even as you climb trees. They are also easy to break in. You won’t have to walk around for long, feeling as if your toes are being flattened and mashed.

Key Functions:

  • 8-inch Logger boot
  • Steel shank
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Lug-sole
  • Imported
  • Leather
  • Electric hazard rated

5. Chippewa Men's Logger Waterproof Rugged Outdoor Boots

Chippewa Men's 9-Inch Bay Apache Waterproof Steel-Toe Super Logger Boot

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Chippewa is a trusted and well-known brand when it comes to logger boots. And this pair does not disappoint. Are you looking for high-quality work boots, something durable, something that can withstand quite a bit of punishment? These are not dress shoes; they are work boots, and they have been specially designed and manufactured to satisfy the needs of loggers and others who work in punishing terrain.

If you are patriotic when it comes to buying products, you should check out these boots. They are made in the US, so there is the warm glow of knowing you are supporting American industry.

The boots are excellent for all seasons, including winter. They are well insulated with 400 grams of Thinsulate Ultra. So your feet will be warm, and you won’t run the risk of getting frostbite when it gets extremely chilly. The Thinsulate Ultra is also lightweight, breathable, and moisture-resistant. These qualities make it even more formidable at insulating as they trap air molecules while keeping out water, increasing the warmth.

The Vibram rubber outsoles will make sure you don’t slip and fall when you are walking on slippery logs, climbing a tree, or going down a wet and slippery area. They provide excellent traction, ensuring you remain stable where you would otherwise be teetering.

The Texon 460 insoles are waterproof, and they provide support and cushion. So when you jump off a tree with a remington chainsaw, most of the shock will be absorbed by the insoles.

And to top it all off, the boots are highly attractive. This makes them a double threat. Not only do you work efficiently and comfortably, but you also look good while doing it.

Key Functions:

  • Texon 460 waterproof insoles
  • 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate Ultra
  • Vibram rubber outsoles
  • Leather
  • Made in the USA
  • 9-inch lace-up shaft

6. Men's Carolina 8 inch Insulated Steel Toe Logger Boots

Men's Carolina 8' Steel Toe Loggers Boot

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The main thing you need in a pair of logger boots is stability, and these Men’s Carolina Boots provide that abundantly. First, there are the steel shanks. The steel shanks are vital in logger boots. You see, they reduce the load which your feet and calves have to incur when you are walking up an ascent – or as the case might be, climbing a tree.

And to further boost stability, they have tough, sure-grip rubber lug outsoles. So when you are walking on the slippery ground, your feet will be firmly planted wherever you direct them. You will not slip as you walk.

And to protect your toes from compression, the boots come with steel safety toe caps. These are also indispensable for when something falls on the tip of your toes, for instance, a branch of a tree. They might just save you from having your toes crushed and mashed.

The uppers are made of Briar Pitstop leather. The leather is durable and will take a fair amount of beating without getting cracks, wrinkles, or tears. So if you are looking for a pair of boots that will give you excellent service for a long while, don’t pass up these Carolina logger boots.

And when it comes to insulation, you are sorted, and in a tremendous way. Most of the boots we have looked at in this article have 400 grams worth of insulation. But these Carolina logger boots will provide not 400, but 600 grams of Thinsulate insulation. This is enough to keep your feet well warmed during the winter and prevent frostbite.

Key Functions:

  • One piece rubber lug outsole
  • Shaft 8-inches from arch
  • 600 grams of Thinsulate insulation
  • Steel safety toe cap
  • Briar Pitstop leather upper

7. Chippewa Men's 73100 Lace-To-Toe Logger Boots 

Chippewa Men's 8' Composite-Toe Logger Boot

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These are excellent shoes for logging as well as wildfire fighting. In fact, let’s just say they are right for any job that requires you to be out in the woods or on mountain landscape: any challenging terrain. The boots will handle whatever you throw at them and give you comfortable wear for a long time.

In the first place, the leather is completely waterproof. The water won’t leak in when it rains. It won’t leak in when you stomp through a puddle after the rain. And it won’t leak when you wade through a stream or a creek. The Chip-a-tex waterproof membrane will see to that.

Your feet will remain dry and comfortable. And the high-quality construction of the shoes will ensure that the water does not ruin your shoe. The boots will give you a long period of service, in spite of how punishing the terrain you work in daily might be.

And if superior traction is what concerns you most, consider the thickly treaded rubber outsoles. The high traction will come in handy when navigating those slippery logs and the hilly places, especially after a rain has fallen and every surface is wet or muddy.

Breaking in the boots won’t last an eternity either. After an hour or so of walking around in the boots, your feet should begin to feel comfortable. The last thing you want is to start getting sores and blisters on your toes because your boots are pressing down on them. You won’t have to adopt a strange walking style with these boots since they fit snugly.

Key Functions:

  • Chip-a-tex waterproof membrane
  • 8-inch lace-up leather shaft
  • Vibram sole, thickly treaded
  • Goodyear leather welt construction
  • Imported
  • Waterproof Bay Apache leather
  • Single stitched welt
  • Removable kiltie

8. Wolverine Men's W05523 Chesapeake Boot

Wolverine Men's Moc-Toe 6' Work Boot

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These Wolverine Boots are something to behold. If you don’t mind looking awesome while you are on the job, you should check them out. They have been described as “tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome” and one or the most comfortable logger boots in the list. And I agree. But that’s not all they are about. Ultimately, they are work boots, and their real value lies in their durability and ability to handle rugged terrain.

They are also highly comfortable. Your feet will be well ensconced and protected from the elements. The insole is cushiony and snug to your feet. It is also removable, and you can replace it once it outlives its stay (the boots are durable and will certainly outlive their insoles).

The heel is tall, measuring approximately two inches. This is just what you need to navigate those punishing landscapes. Consider the kind of environment you have to encounter when logging or working in untamed terrain. The paths are crooked and uneven. There is a lot of upgoing and downgoing.

And should it rain, it gets even worse. That’s why a tall heel is such a welcome feature. When you step on the muddy ground, the heel will dig in and get a firm foothold. The alternative would be mud caking the soles and taking away all traction.

The boot has 400-gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation. In the winter, your feet will be kept sufficiently warmed to ensure you don’t lose comfort when working. It also has a steel toe that will protect your toes from being compressed or from any logs crushing them when you are hard at work.

And you can wear them in the rainy season as well, when the roads are filled with puddles, and drops fall from the branches and leaves of trees. The Gore-Tex membrane is waterproof and will prevent moisture and water from seeping into your boots.

Key Functions:

  • Synthetic sole & removable full cushion insole
  • 10-inch shaft from the arch and 2-inch heel
  • 0.75-inch platform
  • Moisture managing mesh linings
  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Nylon shank-Steel shank for underfoot support
  • 400-gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Steel safety toe
  • Full-grain leather uppers

9. Chippewa Men's 9" Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot

Chippewa Men's 9' Waterproof Insulated Arctic 50 25492 Boot

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This Chippewa Men’s boot is made in the USA. If you are American, you will love that. Buying American is an active way for consumers to support and grow American industries. Buying this pair of boots will give you a warm feeling of patriotism. And if you are not in America, you know you can rely on American product’s reputation for quality.

It’s the kind of work boot that professionals operating in challenging terrains will gravitate to because of the benefits they stand to gain. For one, the boot is waterproof. Every time you encounter a creek or a stream that you must cross, you can do so without any reservations. The boots will keep out water and ensure your feet are completely dry and snug.

People who have worn these boots report that the quality surprised them. The quality of the boot just jumps out at you.

Where other boots might have a short life, you will still be stomping through the woods in these long into the future. This will have a wonderful effect on your wallet as you reduce the amount of money you allocate to replacing your logger boots when they outlive their usefulness.

The boots come with a thickly treaded rubber outsole which ensures you have superior traction. You will be thankful for this when you are navigating the slippery terrain. The thick tread of the soles is also great for durability. It will take a considerably long time for your soles to wear away.

Key Functions:

  • Waterproof work boot
  • Goodyear leather welt construction
  • Shaft 9 inches from arch
  • Synthetic sole
  • Made in the USA
  • Leather
  • ATSM electrical hazard
  • Steel toes
  • Insulated

10. Carolina CA8824 8 In Waterproof Lace To Toe Logger

Danner Men's Quarry USA Black Work Boot - 8-Inch

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This is the third of the Carolina logger boots reviews. Users have noted that the leather of these Carolina logger boots is quite stiff. That’s just what you need in a boot that will help you conquer rugged terrain.

You don’t want something that falls apart at the slightest amount of use. Expect durability from this pair.

The lug outsole is just what you need as a logger or someone operating in tough terrain. It is a thick rubber sole with deep indentations. When you walk in mud, it will take a long while before the mud fills up the indented area. That will give you a firm hold as you walk. You are unlikely to slide as it takes a lot of mud to cake up these soles.

And when you walk on slippery logs, you will maintain your posture and stability without straining at all.

You don’t have to avoid heading out when it’s wet. And you can advance even when you find puddles in your way. For one, logger boots have rather tall tops so that water won’t get in over the top.

Secondly, these particular logger boots have a 100% waterproof membrane which will prevent the entry of water into your boots. You will wade through puddles and creeks with confidence and ease.

Key Functions:

  • One piece rubber lug outsole
  • Shaft 8 inches from the arch
  • Electronic hazard rated
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Copper Crazy Horse Leather Upper

Things to Look for Before Getting Logger Boots

Now that you have read all the reviews let’s do a recap of what you must always remember when you are searching for a new pair of logger boots.

1. High Tops

By nature logger boots, (and linesman boots as well) have high tops. All logger boots should have high tops. It’s one of the trademarks, along with the tassels under the laces. If a pair of boots you are purchasing thinking they are logger boots doesn’t have the high tops, be warned: those are not logger boots.

The higher tops are crucial for preventing mud and water from getting into your boots. Logger boots are primarily designed for loggers and anyone who works in challenging outdoor terrain and weather conditions. Sometimes you have to wade through puddles and streams. If the tops were at regular length, a lot of water would flow into your boots.

But since the tops are high, you walk tall above it all, untouched.

2. Thick Soles

When I say thick soles, I mean super thick soles. Make sure the logger boots you are purchasing have sufficiently thick soles. The thicker they are, the more durable they will be. Loggers often have to contend with rough terrain. Abrasive surfaces like rocks jutting out the ground, or the barks of trees, will gradually eat away at the soles of your shoes.

With thick soles, your logger boots will last longer. Plus, having thick soles gives you a sense of stability and sureness which you need when you are walking on slippery surfaces.

3. Large Heels

Another thing you should confirm about the pair of boots you are eyeing is the size of the heel. Tall heels are a trademark of logger boots. There is a reason for this. Most of the heels are approximately two inches high.

You see, when you are walking on the muddy ground, you need heels that can dig into the ground and give you a firm hold upon it. If the heels are short, you will slip and slide endlessly. Working in bad terrain, especially when it’s wet, you might end up breaking a limb – highly likely, considering you are operating in this terrain daily.

It’s all about traction. Which brings me to my next point.

4. Lug Outsoles

If you go back and examine the reviews you have just read, you will realize that most of the logger boots we have looked at have lug outsoles. There is a reason for this. Do you know what lug soles are?

Lug soles comprise of thick rubber and have deep indentations on them. That last part – deep indentations – is the keyword. As I have said, it’s all about traction. The more traction a boot can provide, the more useful it is to you.

The indentations enable you to get a firm grip on the ground as you walk. I have already explained how that works – how it will be indispensable when you are walking on the slippery ground or steep terrain.

5. Waterproof

Before you make the purchase, find out if the boots are waterproof; otherwise, you will be filled with deep regret when you realize you bought boots that are useless in wet weather.

The last thing you want is to discover when you wade through a pool that your new boots let water leak in. Good logger boots have a waterproof membrane.

6. Insulation

Our feet, just like our ears, being at the extreme ends of our bodies are highly sensitive to cold. You tend to notice that your feet are cold before other parts of your body. And that’s why you need good insulation for your logger boots.

Well-insulated logger boots will maintain the warmth of your feet, keeping you comfortable when working in cold weather. The best insulation out there is Thinsulate insulation. If the boots don’t have Thinsulate, it might be cheap foam insulation, which is not as good.

How Are Logger Boots Different from Normal Work Boots?

Logger Boots

Logger work boots are made from the same quality materials as most construction or work boots but have additional features for enhanced safety and comfort.

The waterproof feature is one of the main features logger boots over work boots. When working in wet logging environments, you need to keep the water out.

Logging boots are generally bigger than normal work boots. The reason is to keep insects, bugs, spiders, small snakes or any small animal from crawling into your boots while doing your job. This is why the 8-inch leather and waterproof boot is the best choice for protection.

Another important aspect that you will find in most logger work boots is the breathability.  With the Gore-Tex inner linings found in the waterproof boots, it can surely keep your feet dry and wick away most of the moisture.

The final important aspect will be the outer soles. The outer soles are made from lug rubber and have more aggressive patterns. These aggressive soles promote grip and will ensure the user will not slip and enables the wearer to hike in the worst of woods conditions without having to worry about slipping and injury.

Work Boots

Work boots are a little different. These work boots are generally constructed from prime leather materials. These regular work boots are not designed for hiking or trekking through wet environments, but most models are water resistant.

While work boots might differ depending on your job, these boots have one thing in common, and this is to reduce the amount of fatigue and to keep your feet safe. Most work boots have toe protection to ensure safety. Normal workboots can come with a  heavy steel toe or the more expensive composite toe.

The shanks are another major factor to check. Most commonly, you will find the steel shank is the most widely used in logger boots and work boots. This offers additional protection but adds some more weight into the boots. The nylon shank might not provide the same amount of support, but it's lighter and reduces the amount of foot fatigue.

One of the common factors between the logger boots and normal work boots are the anti-slip outer sole and providing the user with excellent comfort. The outer sole of many quality work boots has shock absorption technology that helps in reducing feet fatigue.

Let’s summarize the main differences

  • Waterproof. Logger boots are made to be waterproof. Normal work boots are generally designed to be water resistant. Logging environments are wetter as compared to construction sites thus the waterproofed construction
  • Electric resistant. Electrical hazards are not a common thing in logging environments thus, this feature is not included in the leather logging boots.  Some work boot model has this feature.
  • Moisture Wicking. Lastly, is the moisture wicking ability and enhanced inner linings that make the logging boots comfortable to wear, while the normal work boots have better ventilation keeping the boots breathable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Logger Boots

1. Are Logger Boots Comfortable?

Once you break in the boots, they get pretty comfortable. But it depends on the brand. For instance, if the leather is too stiff, it might take a while for that to happens.

It also depends on how cushiony the insole is. If you don’t like your insole, you could always change it.

2. Are Logger Boots Good or Bad for Your Feet?

If your logger boots have steel toes, the answer is a resounding “yes”. The steel toe protects your toe from being compressed as you walk or from the crushing force of anything (say, a log) that falls on your shoes.

In other words, the steel toes make your logger boots comfortable even when working in rugged terrain.

3. Why do Logger Boots Have a High Heel?

To increase traction and maintain stability on bad terrain, especially when the paths are muddy. The large heels sink into the mud as you step on the ground, giving you a firm hold.

You are less likely to slip and fall on muddy ground if your shoes have high heels than if they have short heels.

4. How to Clean Logger Boots

First, wipe them clean using a damp piece of cloth. Begin at the bottom, and then working towards the toe area. You might also need some elbow grease to get rid of all the grime on them.

Alternatively, you could use a water and vinegar solution. One cup of water mixed with a half cup of vinegar will do. Soak the rug in this solution and wipe your boots clean.

If you want to do a thorough cleaning, here are the steps to follow:

  • Take out the laces and the insoles.
  • Use a stiff brush to get rid of any clumps of mud or dirt.
  • Make a boot cleaner and water solution in a bowl, and then use the stiff brush to give them a scrub.
  • Rinse off the soap with clean water which is neither hot nor cold.
  • Let the boots air-dry.
  • Apply waterproofing spray or cream to your boots after they dry.

5. Are Logger Boots Good For Flat Feet

You get flat feet as a result of fallen arches. The best shoes for flat feet are those that mimic the shape of a normal arch. 20% of adults have flat feet, so this is a common predicament.

Whether your logger boots are ideal for flat feet or not depends on their construction. But so long as you wear arch supports with your boots, they are fine. Just make sure the boots have removable insoles and replace them with your arch supports.

Final Thoughts on The Best Logger Work Boots

Nobody likes falling. With good logger boots, you can make sure doing so remains a rarity for you. What pair of logger boots intrigued you most? Follow it up. You won’t regret it. But you will regret, not heeding my advice – when you fall!

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